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From a very early age I always had a love of the outdoors, travel, and sports. Those passions quickly blended into my love of photography. My passions took me on many a great adventure, and with each adventure I always had a camera at my side to document it

My love for photography developed as a teen age boy. My first camera was a used Voigtländer 35mm. I experimented in high school with all sorts of photographic techniques, black and white film, colour filters, and negative manipulation and so on.

In 2002 I was taken with a new interest, videography. I joined the Centre for the Advancement of Video Excellence (CAVE) as an executive member. Eventually I would leave CAVE for personal reasons, but continued videography, and helped produce some short promotional videos for the Barrie Minor Baseball Association, and the Barrie Baycats Inter-county baseball team. My proudest video I produced was made for the Rotary Club of Barrie, an emotional video message and presentation sent to our troops overseas.

Shortly after I broke away from CAVE, I met 3 people who helped rekindle my love of photography, Bill Dodson, Terry Wilson, and Herman Koeslag. These 3 photographers, each with their own photographic specialties, helped me rediscover my love of photography.

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